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Attention Peeps!
Due to current high fuel prices, low to no cash guarantee venues, and the inability to secure a 90's class A  RV to tour in to defray hotel costs and keep from having to sleep in the back of my 98 Chevy Silverado I've been forced to pause my US Tour until September 23rd.
As a result of just trying to make all the tour dates across the country, I've got close to my credit card limit and watched my credit score go from excellent to good which is unacceptable
Please bear with me, I'm trying as hard as I can

Yours in truth
American outlaw singer-songwriter
WC Edgar 


Attention Peeps!

I have some holes in the 100 US City Tour schedule I need to fill
If you can help out with any kind of venue or party  for  a lot  less $ than you'd expect for any of these dates please text the  917 Underground Records office at (530) 921-3004

September 27, 28, Anywhere near Indianapolis IN

October 2-5 Anywhere between St Louis MO & Hays KS
October 7, Anywhere between Hays KS & Tescott KS
October 9-11 Anywhere between Tescott KS & Beloit KS
October 13, Anywhere between Beloit KS & De Soto KS
October 16-18 Anywhere between Wakita OK & OKC OK
October 20, 22-27 Anywhere between OKC OK & Tulsa OK

November 1, Anywhere near Austin TX
November 6, 9, Anywhere between Houston TX & Austin TX
November 13-15 Anywhere near Austin TX 



It's hard to know where to start by giving you a snapshot of who this amazing artist truly is. WC literally embodies what it means to be hardcore pure country and outlaw, simultaneously.  A 'world-class' songwriter this man could play in front of a hardcore biker crowd, and drive down the street to climb on stage at an old-school Texas dancehall, and you can bet all your money that he will leave behind two crowds who will be extremely grateful for the experience. 
Quote from a Lifelong Texan & Music Critic


Please join us in beautiful Key West, Florida at the Hogs Breath Saloon on March 20-26 2023, and again on May 8-14 2023 for Key West Songwriter's Week!
We look forward to seeing friends /fans & making many new ones!


Hello Peeps!
American Outlaw Singer-Songwriter WC Edgar here,
Please join me on Facebook on my American Outlaw Singer-Songwriter Group at the link below!
Glad to have EVERYONE!


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