It's hard to know where to begin when trying to give you a glimpse of who this amazing artist truly is. WC epitomizes what it means to be a hardcore, pure country and outlaw artist all at once. He is a world-class songwriter, capable of performing in front of a hardcore biker crowd one moment, and then moving on to play at an old-school Texas dancehall the next. You can be sure that he will leave both crowds extremely grateful for the experience.

From spending many years living in Nashville & driven by iconic songwriters the likes of Steve Earle, Merle Haggard & Townes Van Zandt, WC ‘calls em like he sees em' writing about all the trials and tribulations of life in this ‘fucked up world’.

He's also played pedal steel  on the road for renowned artists such as Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson, Ty England, Dale Watson, Marty Haggard, Jeff Carson, Johnny Lee, BB Watson, and many others. Additionally, he served as the staff steel guitarist on the Country Music USA Show at Nashville's now-defunct Opryland USA for 2 seasons, alongside cast members like Ken Mellons and Chely Wright.

In addition to numerous appearances at festivals and venues in Spain, Australia, Sweden, Canada, and France, WC has made 7 appearances on the legendary 'world famous’ Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree, which has been airing on WSM radio every Saturday night following the Grand Ole Opry since 1948. He truly embodies the Honky Tonk Dream.

So, sit back, kick your feet up, pop the top on a cold one, and let this man's songwriting transport you to another place and time. Perhaps, for a moment, it can help you forget about the corrupt politicians, hate, and pain in America today and bring a smile to your face.