It's hard to know where to start by giving you a snapshot of who this amazing artist truly is. WC literally embodies what it means to be hardcore pure country and outlaw, simultaneously.  A 'world-class' songwriter, this man could play in front of a hardcore biker crowd, and drive down the street to climb on stage at an old-school Texas dancehall, and you can bet all your money that he will leave behind two crowds who will be extremely grateful for the experience.
Quote from a lifelong Texas music critic


With his trusty Martin HD-28 guitar, new management, label, distribution & new music under his belt in 2023 & influences the likes of songwriters Merle Haggard & Steve Earle we'd say he's well on his way to being the world-class singer-songwriter he was always destined to be.


These songs keep on a comin, they won't let me be
Sometimes I can't tell the difference between the truth & reality
As I sit here thinkin to myself, what would old Hank Williams do
I'll hit these bars with this old guitar, up and down the avenue
From the WC Edgar song 'The Streets Of Greenwich Village'


WC Edgar plays Martin guitars, drives Chevy pickups & drinks PBR Beer