Effective 1/1/2023 I am looking for an agent/manager to take care of my booking and make sure I make all appearances 
& am compensated enough so I can actually sleep in a hotel each and every night instead of in my pickup
If anyone is interested in this task and has the contacts to make it happen I would be interested in having a conversation with you at anytime 
Please contact me by email at and provide me with a good number and time to reach out to you
Yours in truth
American outlaw singer-songwriter

WC Edgar

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It's hard to know where to start by giving you a snapshot of who this amazing artist truly is. WC literally embodies what it means to be hardcore pure country and outlaw, simultaneously.  A 'world-class' songwriter this man could play in front of a hardcore biker crowd, and drive down the street to climb on stage at an old-school Texas dancehall, and you can bet all your money that he will leave behind two crowds who will be extremely grateful for the experience. 
Quote from a Lifelong Texan & Music Critic


Please join us in beautiful Key West, Florida at the Hogs Breath Saloon on March 20-26 2023, and again on May 8-14 2023 for Key West Songwriter's Week!
We look forward to seeing friends /fans & making many new ones!


Hello Peeps!
American Outlaw Singer-Songwriter WC Edgar here,
Please join me on Facebook on my American Outlaw Singer-Songwriter Group at the link below!
Glad to have EVERYONE!





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