WC Edgar/An American Outlaw Singer-Songwriter

WC Edgar/An American Outlaw Singer-Songwriter

"It's hard to know where to start by giving you a snapshot of who this amazing artist truly is. WC literally embodies what it means to be hardcore pure country and outlaw, simultaneously.  A 'world-class' songwriter this man could play in front of a hardcore biker crowd, and drive down the street to climb on stage at an old-school Texas dancehall, and you can bet all your money that he will leave behind two crowds who will be extremely grateful for the experience."
Source: A longtime Texas music critic & native Texan


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Yours in truth
American outlaw singer-songwriter
WC Edgar 



Hello Peeps! 

Many of you know that when I'm on the road I need a place to stay for the night and usually end up bedding down in the back of my 98 Chevy Silverado Pickup. 
If anyone has a spare couch, floor space or spare guest room you could put me up for the night it would be greatly appreciated and you'd be doing a big part in keeping an original singer-songwriter on the road until I can afford that ever elusive 90's Class A motorhome to tour in. 
Here are my 2022 US Tour dates so far, please message me on messenger or email me at 1982shobud@gmail.com if you can be so kind as to help me out. 

Yours in truth 
American outlaw singer-songwriter 
WC Edgar 

Here are those tour dates... 

5/6 Shawnee KS 

5/7 Lenexa KS 

5/19 Lawrence KS 

5/21 Perry KS 

5/27 Wakita OK 

6/2 Joliet IL 

6/3 Grand Rapids MI 

6/4 Detroit MI 

6/8 Chelsea MI 

6/9 Springfield IL 

6/10 Springfield IL 

6/11 Chicago IL 

6/13 Chicago IL 

6/17 Flint MI 

6/18 Maumee OH 

6/23 Cincinnati OH 

6/24 Eaton OH 

6/25 Miamisburg OH 

6/27 Youngstown OH 

7/1 Red Bank NJ 

7/2 Marlborough MA 

7/7 Acton ME 

7/8 Manchester NH 

7/9 Agawam MA 

7/10 Queens NY 

7/12 New York NY 

7/15 Atlantic City NJ 

7/17 Tuckerton NJ 

7/26 Seabrook NH 

7/28 Ridgefield CT 

7/29 Westbrook ME 

8/5 Syracuse NY 

8/7 Buffalo NY 

8/9 Fairport NY 

8/10 Rochester NY 

8/11 Burdett NY 

8/12 Rochester NY 

8/13 Peekskill NY 

8/18 Harrison ME 

8/26 Saratoga Springs NY 

8/30 Seabrook NH 

9/3 Phoenixville PA 

9/4 New Hope PA 

9/7 York PA 

9/8 Richmond VA 

9/9 Farmville VA 

9/10 Lynchburg VA 

9/14 Lynchburg VA 

9/15 Richmond VA 

9/16 Goochland VA 

9/17 Richmond VA 

9/18 Morgantown WV 

9/21 Pittsburgh PA 

9/23 Berea OH 

9/24 Athens OH 

9/25 Cincinnati OH 

9/26 Indianapolis IN 

9/30 Saint Louis MO 

10/1 Saint Louis MO 

10/6 Hays KS 

10/12 Beloit KS 

10/14 DeSoto KS 

10/15 Wakita OK 

10/19 Norman OK 

10/21 Oklahoma City OK 

10/28 Tahlequah OK 

10/29 Norman OK 

11/2 Kyle TX 

11/3 Austin TX 

11/4 Georgetown TX 

11/5 San Antonio TX 

11/7 Houston TX 

11/8 Austin TX 

11/10 Waxahachie TX 

11/11 Fort Worth TX 

11/12 Taylor TX 

11/16 Austin TX 

11/17 Lockhart TX 

11/18 Cypress TX 

11/19 Jonestown TX 

12/2 Costa Mesa CA 

12/9 Norco CA 

12/11 Sunset Beach CA 

12/14 Fresno CA 

12/15 San Luis Obispo CA 

12/16 San Carlos CA 

12/17 Sonoma CA 

12/18 San Francisco CA 

12/19 Pacifica CA 

2023 Dates 

3/25 Lima OH

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