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Well folks it's been five years since my last self-penned album release and it's time for another.

This will be my 5th self-penned album and as usual, I have all 10 of the new songs written and ready to record in Nashville by the best of the best musicians anywhere in the world.  Since my first album release in 2009, my music has taken me all over the world to places like Australia, Spain, Sweden, France, and countless others as well as 47 of the lower 48 US States and given me the chance to meet so many wonderful people from so many beautiful countries.

We still need $9700 to complete this musical journey and are way behind that mark and it's doubtful the album will be recorded this year in 2021 without any help from YOU the independent music lovers out there.

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Thank you very much for anything you can spare and for being a part of this awesome new project!
Yours in truth
American singer-songwriter
WC Edgar 

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ATTENTION! 90's Model Motorhome Needed! 

WC Edgar is in need of a 90's model motorhome to travel in!
If you or anyone you know have one in running condition please contact us here.
We are prepared to travel anywhere in the US to pick it up and will do any and all needed repairs to keep it going.
It never hurts to ask, and you'll be doing us a great service and helping an independent singer-songwriter stay on the road.